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My adventure in this beautiful island started in January 2009, it was almost for fun that I opened this business. I came to Mauritius on holiday and fell in love with this beautiful island and its people.

I left my Adored Rome, my restaurant, my loved ones, and with a bit of uncertainty, I moved to the island. I found what I was looking for, a small restaurant overlooking the blue sea. In March 2009, Max Mamma Mia opened its doors, with the same Italian principles.

I trained all my staff and shared with them all my catering field experiences. At the beginning it was challenging, I had to gain the trust of the locals in order to give them the flavors of traditional Italian cuisine from homemade pasta, Pizza, a different type of dough (Prep. 24h before), different recipes of fish and meat, to the new way of preparing desserts.

Today I can certainly say that with the help of all my staffs we have carved out a small slice of the restaurant market. Today I can certainly say that they are not my staffs, but we have all created a wonderful family together and I am proud of this.

Now our family has enlarged with the arrival of my son Edo, who is making a great contribution to the growth of Max Mamma Mia for about two years, so I can totally dedicate myself to the kitchen, finding new recipes to offer to our customers.

I want to faithfully thank all the people working in our Company:

Miss Pooja my right hand, who has been by my side for ten years.Diksha for the customer service, My Two Chefs Mrs. Julia and Mrs. Christelle, who now have gained the experience to be an Italian chef, the ladies Shivani and Varsha who prepare tasty pizzas and focaccias. Madame Fifi and the gardener Andeen.

And a special thanks to my son Edo who dedicates himself for the growth of our business.

This is just the beginning of our journey, we still have a long way to go all together.

A very big thank you to everyone

- Max

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Our History

In Timeline


First restaurant In Rome

Max opened his first Restaurant "Nonna Papera"


January 2009


First visit in Mauritius

March 2009

Opening of Mamma Mia

Max fell in love with the place and decided to open Mamma Mia restaurant

March 2009

November 2017

Edoardo joining the business

Edoardo, the son of Max felt he wanted to do something for the family and joined the family business.

About Us

MAX MAMMA MIA Combine food, fun, family and friends, dining at our restaurant is about more than just filling your belly with delicious Italian cuisine

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 30540, Royal Road, Grand Baie

 Mauritius / ile Maurice


  +230 296 0327 Max + 230 582 44246

  Edo: +230 547 27491 Pooja: +230 542 24556